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Size Guide & Jewellery Care

Size Guide:


Measure your ring at the end of the day as this is when fingers are at their largest.  Do not measure when they are cold as they could shrink by half a size. 

Think about the design of the ring, a thick band will feel tighter than a thin band so you may want to go a whole size up.

Remember it will need to fit over your knuckle!

Tips on measuring your ring size 

Use string or floss to measure your finger. 

Wrap the floss around the base of your finger and mark where it first overlaps. Then line up with a ruler and take down its length in millimeters. Then compare it to the ring size guide below.

Just be careful not to stretch the string or floss!

Finger Circumference mm
Diameter of Ring mm
48 15.3 48  I
50 15.9 50 K
51.9 16.5 52 L/M
54.4 17.3 54 N
56.3 17.9 56 P
57.6 18.8 58 Q
60.2 19.0 60 S
62.1 19.8 62 T/U
64 20.3 64 V


Order a Ring Sizer



How to layer or wear the perfect length for your outfit. The diagram below shows you roughly where the necklaces will fall.

If it isn’t quite right please email us at and we would happily exchange. There is a £5 handling fee for exchanges. 


The KK Zaza Bracelets

Some of our bracelets can be tightened with the ball clip to fit snugly on your wrist while others have the option to be adjusted to three different settings so they can sit loosely or be slightly tighter depending on what the wearer prefers.

Brighton Bracelets

These can be adjusted from 10-22cm

Hepburn Bracelets

These can be adjusted to be worn at 16cm, 17.5cm or 19cm


Caring for your Jewellery:

All jewellery lasts longer if you take good care of it.  It should be stored in a fabric lined jewellery box and you should be careful not to bash or drop it or store with other pieces to prevent scratches, chips and cracks. When not being worn, jewellery should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Ideally you should avoid wearing jewellery in bed, when showering or swimming. When you are getting ready it should be be the last piece to go on, after applying any scent or lotion. It is also important to rinse off any chemicals that your jewellery comes into contact with to avoid build up which can make cleaning difficult.


Order a silver polishing cloth

Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is a layer of gold over sterling silver. To be considered vermeil, the gold must be at least 10 carat and at least 1.5 microns thick. Our gold is between 14-18 carat depending on the piece and at least 2-3 microns.

Most vermeil is produced using electrolysis although in the past it was also done by fire-gilding

For the vermeil to last it is essential not to wear the your pieces in the shower or when swimming. Chlorine, especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolour your pieces

Gold Carat

Gold is graded by carats. The carat system expresses the proportion of gold to other metals and alloys. Pure gold is 24kt, 22kt contains 22 parts of gold to 2 parts of other metals and so it goes on.

Rose Gold

Flattering to most skin tones, rose gold first gained fame in Russia in the 19th century where it was often referred to as 'Russian gold'

Rose gold is the result of varying the proportion of copper and silver in the alloy which results in a beautiful pinkish hue.


Gently clean your jewellery with a soft polishing cloth or even a silver polishing cloth. Gold vermeil will fade with time.

Brass: This metal tarnishes after a while. The best  product for cleaning brass we think is Brasso, it comes up like new! Be careful not to get solution on the stones as they can make them dull!

Copper: Again the best product we have found for cleaning copper is Brasso, it is quick, easy and the results are amazing!


KK Zaza gold vermeil is guaranteed for 12 months and during this period we will re-plate free of charge, if required. Please take off in showers and when swimming so that the plating lasts as long as possible.


KK Zaza jewellery is guaranteed for 12 months, under normal conditions of wear and tear. After 12 months, if your piece needs to be repaired please email us to discuss charges. On rare occasions we may be unable to repair a piece, the main reason being that we no longer produce the items and so no longer use this jewellery technique or carry spare components.